Ontario Health Coalition Action Plan

The Ontario Health Coalition has released its action plan to counter the Ford conservative governments attacks on public, non-profit health care.    It was passed by the Coalitions Executive Board after vigourous debate with many great suggestions from you yearly assembly.

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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3 Responses to Ontario Health Coalition Action Plan

  1. Steve Bach says:

    while I am not a union person, I find the Ford government has stepped over the line in taking trying to take away worker’s rights, He has done a number of other things that do not respect things, like the environment.

    • Hi Stephen, I agree on both worker’s rights and the environment. On health care, I don’t think that it is a Union issue. We all need health care, regardless of our political perspective, or what we do. Having an efficient responsive system that provides people the care they need , where they need it , when they need it, benefits everyone. My concern is that Ford’;s actions are taking us farther away from that goal.

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