Who is Ross Sutherland?

Ross is a retired registered nurse who has worked in hospital emergency departments, addiction programs, palliative care, and home care.

Ross has a lifetime of community involvement. He has always worked with people to help solve their problems: as a nurse, an adult literacy instructor, a union grievance officer, and an unemployment case worker. He knows how to listen to people, work with them, and advocate on their behalf. 

Ross has served in many positions from volunteer to board member with organizations working on renewable energy, public health, workers’ rights, food security, youth engagement and township waste management. 

He is currently co-chair of the Kingston and Area Health Coalition. He chairs the Executive Board of the Ontario Health Coalition.  He was a Township Councillor in South Frontenac from 2014 to 2022 and deputy mayor in 2015 and 2020. He lives in South Frontenac Township.


2 Responses to Who is Ross Sutherland?

  1. Tim Sansom says:

    Open-air Burning Bylaw
    I would like to address this issue. I just moved here a few years ago into a new home, since I’ve been I have had a campfire in my back yard ever since. According to this document I will no longer be aloud to have a fire without a permit. I can understand the county trying to make money off people who abuse the fires and have open air burning anything. In my case I only burn cut wood or ends. The fact that I have to pay to have a backyard fire is ridicules. As well I can no longer have a fire on a whim, now I have to apply for a permit 48 hours in advance. This is ridicules and as council members you should be ashamed of yourselves for gouging residents and issuing a 48 hour notice to have a backyard fire.
    I heard about this on a FB page so can someone please tell me where it is officially posted and how to access it as it is not on the South Frontenac fire page .
    Upset resident
    Tim Sansom
    Perth road

    • Hi Tim, thank you for your comments and interest in municipal issues. The Burn bylaw was passed by Council last month. Unfortunately, council did vote against having more public comment. Nonetheless, the bylaw could help control some bad burns, make the Township safer and relieve some pressure on our volunteer firefights. If you are having a recreational fire, that is you normal back yard marshmallow fire, then you need to get a permit once a year and after that you can burn that kind of fire when you want. I am not sure where you got the information that you need to give 48 hours notice, but that is incorrect. Keep in touch, Ross.

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