Elect Ross Sutherland – Councillor Loughborough District

Dear Neighbour,

South Frontenac Township residents are fortunate to live in a healthy, beautiful environment where we can have good services and an excellent quality of life.

However, there are challenges to what we value in our local community. We face more federal and provincial money flowing to cities, growing economic stress on families, increasing inequality, lack of support for rural issues, environmental concerns and global warming.

As your councillor, I promise to provide thoughtful representation that will address residents’ current needs and prepare us for future challenges.

Decisions made by South Frontenac Council affect our quality of life. We need excellent local services such as police, fire, roads, recreation, waste management, and sound land use planning. We need access to health care and education. We need an open and participatory township council. We need effective spending, a strong local economy, and a healthy environment.

I will make sure these values are part of council decisions over the next four years. I will work to make South Frontenac a more sustainable and vibrant rural community.



About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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