Campaign Update – July 10

I have just finished the first few weeks of campaigning for councillor on South Frontenac Township council.

What a diverse and wonderful area we live in.  I have meet residents involved in lake associations, friends-of-lakes groups, renewable energy cooperatives, food banks, local palliative care, trade unions and volunteer fire and emergency services.  I know these are just a few of the many volunteer groups that make up the fabric of township.

In my discussions so far many issues and needs have been raised including: better equipment, road upgrades, better cell phone and internet access, and support for families that are having difficulties.  I am sure that as the campaign goes on there will be many other legitimate suggestions that would improve our community.

The heart of our political process is to understand all of these issues and work together on solutions.  I look forward to these discussions and challenges.  This process is made a lot easier and more effective by the many community-involved people we have in our township.

One strength of municipal governments is that they are the closest to people.  They have the potential to be the most participatory and democratic.

I am struck by some of the low cost suggestions on how we might use the Township’s existing resources to help community organizations: for instance, by facilitating bulk purchasing for common needs, like road sand and salt, by providing information on how to intervene in upper level government decisions, like around cell tower placement and lack of service, and by bringing together residents interested in our community energy program.

I am excited to meet more people and hear their ideas on how the Township can work with them to improve South Frontenac.


About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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