Thank you Loughborough

Thank you Loughborough voters for electing me to Council. It is privilege and a challenge.  I am excited to get started.

During the campaign numerous ideas came forward that require few township resources, but could work with support from council and the involvement of local residents. There is a group who sees a need in the township for a group home for adults with disabilities.  As part of our energy plan we could set a goal of having the township become a net exporter of electricity through a combination of supporting more renewable energy installations and facilitating more energy conservation.  Some residents wanted to work on identifying and publicizing a network of bike trails in the area, others on beautifying Sydenham village.  Some discussed ideas on how the Township could work with the many lane and lake associations to help reduce their costs and make their jobs a bit easier.  This is a sampling of the possibilities.

It was wonderful to see so many good ideas come forward and if we work together on them over the next few years they will help maintain South Frontenac as a vibrant rural community. I expect that what projects go ahead will largely depend on where there is energy and support in the community.

One of the first issues coming before the new Council is the 17 lot condominium development on the north shore of Loughborough Lake (Johnson Point) and next to a provincially significant wetland. Council’s decision on this project will be important to development on our lakes over the next few years.  I would appreciate any input on this project.  Please email me or call 613-532-7846.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to sit on South Frontenac council. I look forward to the work ahead.  Ross.

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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