February Updates

During this on-again-off-again winter numerous Township projects are moving towards conclusion.  Here are some updates on these and other issues people have been asking about.

Perth Road Fire Hall

A conditional offer from the Township to buy two acers of land for a new fire station in Perth Road Village has been accepted.  The site is on the west side of Perth Road in the village.  A good well has been found. The next step is rezoning and survey work.  The application for rezoning should be going to the Committee of Adjustment in February.  If all goes well, and I am cautiously optimistic, we should be able to finalize the land purchase in the next couple of months and start the hard work of designing the hall.  The goal is still to start building this year.

 Sydenham Football Field and the Point Park

Work on both the football field and the Point Park is going well and both are on schedule.  The football field will have the running track installed in the spring and it is anticipated that it will be ready for use by September.  There is an ongoing discussion on the type of fence that should be used to protect the field.  A chain link fence would be unsightly and consideration is being given to other options, including bollards.

Just a few final steps are needed to complete the Point Park and retaining wall. In the spring the path will be paved and the grass should seed in.  It is expected to be ready for use by June.

Municipal Grant Program

Council increased the amount in the Community Grant Program to $15,000 and the maximum amount that can be given to an organization for each grant to $2,000.  This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to get some help from the Township to fund a onetime project.

Applications for the community grants need to be submitted by March 31.  Detailed information and application forms can be found at:  http://www.southfrontenac.net/en/town-hall/community-project-grant.asp

 Sydenham Parking and One Way Streets

Last summer the Public Works Department prepared a parking and traffic flow plan for Sydenham.  After a public meeting and discussion at Council direction was given to increase parking control and turn Cross Street into a one way street. The final staff report and a draft by law are tentatively scheduled for the Committee of the Whole meeting on March 6.

Johnson Point

Frontenac County Council has asked their planning department to prepare a report on the Johnson Point development for consideration before February 17.  Depending on the report from planning and the will of County Council they could pass conditions for the Johnson Point development and present them as a possible settlement to the Ontario Municipal Board.

County Council is the final approval authority for subdivision and condominium developments and, though fairly unprecedented, they have the right to reach a settlement without the Township’s approval. The County’s letter to the Township can be read at: https://southfrontenac.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/20714?preview=21392

The letter implies that there are some reports or tentative agreements the Township Council reached “in camera” that have not been released.  I think this is a misunderstanding.  All reports and tentative agreements requested or negotiated by Council have been released and debated in open session.

Sydenham Water Plant Capacity

Last fall I submitted questions to the Public Works Department on Sydenham’s water usage, the water plant’s capacity and its impact on the village’s potential for growth.  These questions will be answered on February 9 when the plant operators, Utilities Kingston, present their annual report to the Committee of the Whole.

Frontenac County’s Official Plan

The province has approved Frontenac County’s Official plan.  This means that as of February 1 the County is the approval authority for our, South Frontenac’s Official Plan.  Some concerns from South Frontenac threatened to delay the County’s plan with an Ontario Municipal Board appeal.  A last minute letter from the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing provided the clarity needed to avoid an OMB appeal.

 Perth Road Winter Olympics

The second annual Perth Road Winter Olympics is being held March 5 starting at noon at the Perth Road School on Walsh Road.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Come if you can it is a great afternoon of winter activities and food. For more information check out their face book page, https://www.facebook.com/events/126172937761651/


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retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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