Water Meter Report to October 2 Council Meeting

The Public Works Committee is bring forward the following recommendation to Council on October 2, 2017.  If passed it will affect water rates and service.


 That Council approve Resolution No. PSC-09/21-02 of the Public Services Committee:

“That the Agreement dated April 4, 2017 between Utilities Kingston and the Township of South Frontenac for the operation and maintenance of the water system be amended to include provision of water meter services.”


 Since the Municipal Water System came into being in 2005, the issuance of water meters, installation and reading has been somewhat decentralized. In addition, our current water meter technology is becoming obsolete.

Staff have had discussions with Utilities Kingston regarding adopting their approach and expertise to the provision of water meter services in South Frontenac.

With this in mind, we have requested a proposal from Utilities Kingston with regard to:

  • Meter replacement to upgrade to current technology and to align with Utilities Kingston
  • Meter reading hardware and software and/or meter reading services
  • Water meter installation

It should be noted that we are somewhat exposed by our current practice for water meter installation and need to become more formalized from a risk management perspective.

The Water Bylaw will need to be updated to reflect these proposed changes. In addition, the current charge for a water meter is $25. An amended Bylaw will address the actual costs and at what point they will be billed. These changes would form a part of a communication strategy to property owners should these changes be approved.

A new clause 2.8 is proposed for the current agreement as well as a Table 9 in Appendix A. (Attached)


 An amount of $470/meter is proposed for replacement and new installations. This work would be undertaken by certified Utilities Kingston personnel. An amount of

$50,000 will be proposed in the 2018 Budget so that half of our water meters will be brought up to current standards.

The cost to read meters is $1.90/meter. This aspect of the proposal will be revisited once existing meters have been upgraded

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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2 Responses to Water Meter Report to October 2 Council Meeting

  1. Marcel Morin says:

    If this is put in the budget the tax increase should go to village residents only or perhaps the water commitee would like to pay for it. Taxes are getting so high in this township taxes will be cheaper in the city

  2. Marcel Morin says:

    I’m sure the village residents are getting fed up with all the extra expenses because of the water system that was pushed on them

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