Sydenham Main Street Improvement Proposals

The following proposals for improving the main streets of Sydenham were made and prioritized by the residents of Sydenham and the surrounding area.  Residents were contacted for their ideas.  Some were communicated directly to the Councillors.  Others were presented and discussed at a community meeting on April 7, 2018.

The following are community generated ideas for improving the main streets in Sydenham listed in priority as chosen by the community meeting:

  1. Signage – this includes wayfinding signs (for example to the Grace Center, Township Hall, firehall, doctor’s office, toilets, Cataraqui Trail, etc) signs identifying historic buildings and sites, signs on Rutledge pointing to the town center, signs listing community activities and groups, natural history information signs.
  2. Benches – half way between the senior’s centre and Foodland, at the post office, at the Cat Trail. It was also suggested that these could be paid for by a memorial and sponsored bench program identifying standard benches and cost.
  3. Banners on lamp posts. These could be seasonally appropriate, depict historic scenes, be created as part of a contest at the high school.
  4. Public art murals
  5. A working public clock
  6. More access to public washrooms
  7. Planters or hanging baskets for flowers
  8. Attractive light standards
  9. Storefront winter lighting on a theme
  10. Wider sidewalks with more ramp opportunities
  11. A cross walk in front of the bank
  12. A path from the Point Road to the corner of Mill Street and George Street
  13. A walking path from the Point Park to the Library
  14. Cost shared fix up to building fronts
  15. Bike racks
  16. Historic booklets on Sydenham
  17. Light on Rutledge Road welcome to Sydenham sign


About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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