Investigator’s Report on South Frontenac Council’s Secrecy

Last summer I made a request for “…. an investigation of the decision ….. to keep the fact that …[information on the details of the problem that are not yet public]… at Sydenham’s Municipal water facility from the public.  The matter was also discussed at a meeting on July 3 and multiple meeting prior to that date over the last few years. ”

“I wish to distinguish the discussion of the legal proceedings from the fact that here is an issue at the plant.  I understand that the legal proceedings can be protected by the closed meeting provisions [of the Municipal Act] and Council has chosen to do that.  I don’t see any rational for keeping the fact that there is a problem at the plant, the general nature of that problem, and attempts to mitigate that problem….from the public.  I would like to have the appropriateness of this decision investigated. ” [edited for clarity]

The investigation has now concluded and the full report can be read at:


About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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