Restrictions on Old Schofield Camp Redevelopment

Two years ago the Knights of Columbus sold their Schofield Camp on Buck Lack.  The new owner has undertaken numerous works which have raised concerns that the site would be used for purposes that are not permitted under the current zoning.  Township officials have raised these concerns with the new owner a couple of times since the property was purchased.

Recent ads on South Frontenac Buy and Sale Facebook page indicated a wish to run the  site as a commercial campground.  The following letter was sent from South Frontenac’s Director of Development Services to the owner of the property:

Please be advised that it has been recently brought to the attention of the Township of South Frontenac that the property you own at 6454 Perth Road has been advertised as available to rent on a weekly basis with 4 bunkies and room for 6 campers with power.

As you are aware, the property at 6454 Perth Road is zoned Community Facility (CF) in the South Frontenac Township Zoning By-law (By-law 2003-75).  The CF zoning was on the property prior to your purchase.  Your lawyer was advised of the CF zoning on the property at the time of your purchase in 2017.

The CF zone provisions and relevant definitions are available in the Township’s Zoning By-law which is available on-line at CF zone is defined in Section 29 and the definitions are listed in section 3 of the by-law.

Renting the property to a group on a weekly basis with the opportunity to bring trailers on-site does not fit within the list of uses permitted in the CF zoning on the property.

Prior email correspondence in July 2018 with Mr. Orr, indicated you should pursue a rezoning application to establish an appropriate zoning on the property to facilitate your short-term plan.

We met in November 2018 to discuss your long-term plans for the property.  At that time it was indicated that any future plans for the property would require a rezoning application be filed for the property and it was suggested that you may wish to engage the services of a planning consultant to assist you with an application.  To date a zoning by-law amendment application has not been submitted for your property.

The bringing of trailers onto the property is prohibited except consistent with the South Frontenac Zoning By-law and the Township Trailer By-law (2004-93).  A copy of the Trailer By-law is also attached for your information.  Please note section 3.1 that states “No person shall use and/or keep a trailer on any property within the Township except in a Trailer Park, where the use is permitted and conforms to the Township of South Frontenac Comprehensive Zoning By-law.”

Until the Zoning is changed on the property, only activities that clearly comply with the CF zone shall be permitted.

Please contact me directly to discuss the situation and how you wish to move forward in compliance with the South Frontenac Zoning By-law and Trailer By-law.

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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1 Response to Restrictions on Old Schofield Camp Redevelopment

  1. Steve says:

    The Township is doing the right thing. The owner new about the limitations before purchasing it. Stop him now.

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