Then Pestilence, Drought and Still Speeding

In June Council stated back to a full schedule of meetings with numerous important projects moving forward and nature continued to make 2020 a memorable year.

Now Pestilence

Gypsy moth caterpillars are stripping trees in many areas of South Frontenac. Caterpillar dropping and shredded leaves litter decks and trails.

Gypsy moths are an unpleasant a cyclical event.  At this point neither the provincial Ministry of Forests nor the Township or the provincial park have any plans to address the outbreak.

There is lots of information on line about gypsy moths.  London, Ontario, has helpful information, including a video, on how individual property owners can help can help control the infestation, most importantly by destroying egg masses.   

Then Drought

Most of South Frontenac is also in a level one drought. 

High and low water levels impact our lake communities and farming. In droughts many wells run dry.  Limited mapping of the ground water problem has been done and the Township is discussing with Cataraqui Conservation and Kingston further mapping: information that will be helpful when deciding our new official plan’s policies on development.

Cataraqui Conservation has an online survey to record the impact of drought on local residents. If you are experiencing problems, I would encourage you to fill in the survey. It could become another useful data source as we plan our future development and identify ways to help residents.

Still Speeding

One of the most common complaints to Councillors and Township staff is speeding.

Residents want people to slow down near their homes where they walk on the side of the road and near where their children play

The most frequent request is for more police.  If this could be negotiated with the OPP it would be one of the more expensive options and is only effective when a speed trap is present.

Other options that work well are:

  • Speed bumps
  • Photo radar
  • Calming measures, like planters or curbs built into lanes

Helpful, but less effective, are speed limit signs and flashing roadside notifications of how fast you are driving.

I have attended seminars on road construction and an important theme is “build roads to the speed you want people to drive”. In other words, if the speed limit is 60, leave in the turns you can safely take at 60, don’t straighten the road.  Part of our problem is that the Township has tended to straighten roads making them safe at speeds greater than those posted.  

If you have thoughts on what the Township should do to reduce speeding please send them along. Staff is preparing a report for the fall on how to control speeding.

Coming Soon: Township Septic Inspector

Council has created a position of Deputy Chief Building Official to, starting in 2021, administer all Township septic inspections required under the building code.  With this expertise in house it maybe an opportunity to develop a septic re-inspection program: a program long advocated to help protect and improve our lakes and ground water.

Regional Services?

The Township has initiated a process with the other Frontenac townships to see what, if any, services could be more effectively delivered jointly. 

Services like road line-painting, maintenance on boundary roads and back-up fire services have been successfully shared with neighbouring municipalities. The challenge is always to make sure that communities maintain democratic control over how services are delivered and to respect different communities’ priorities.   

What do you think of more cooperation between the townships on service delivery?  Are their benefits?  Concerns? 

Please take a few minutes to fill in a survey on further possible cooperation on roads and bridges, fire services, bylaw enforcement, waste management and building services.  The survey needs to be completed by Monday night, July 6 and can be found at:


Council passed a motion to remove the private dock on municipal land on the Desert Lake causeway.  A second motion is coming forward to develop a policy restricting private access to municipal waterfront.

The summer public works schedule has been posted. Check to see if there is planned construction in your area and the approximate timeline.  The Desert Lake Causeway was left off the timetable because it is mostly done.  At Council I was assured that once the guardrails are delivered construction will be finished this summer.

Staff has been given direction to work with Kingston This Week to ensure that their ad bag newspapers are placed in mail boxes and not simply littered along road sides.

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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2 Responses to Then Pestilence, Drought and Still Speeding

  1. Steve says:

    Having spent 4 years on the Police Service Board I can tell you that getting more radar is difficult. The commander was always short staffed etc. Lots of excuses. Even when a ticket was given out the money went to the Province, a thing that I did not like. I think that a municipal force just to do traffic violations and domestic problems using the OPP radio system. More importantly, no guns.

  2. Steve says:

    I should have also said that speeding is a problem everywhere. It is difficult to stop.

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