Open-air Burning Bylaw

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retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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4 Responses to Open-air Burning Bylaw

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  2. Dana Pople-Mccord says:

    Good morning !
    First thing: thank you for highlighting the important points in this article as we found it very difficult to understand and review ! We as property owners and tax payers in south frontenac have seen our property taxes go up 30% since our purchase only 7 years ago! Now they want to propose during these difficult times even further sanctions and fees and on what CAMPFIRES! We feel this is yet again another money grab … rather than a community protective measure …. how dare them infringe on our RURAL property owner rights and responsibilities. We are enraged to say the least . Mental health has been a very important topic during covid times .. further restrictions and increased taxes are not going to help!

  3. John Lockyer says:

    This is an extremely bad idea. Make it go away.

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