Voting, Roads and Energy Sustainability

Are you on the voters list?

This year the South Frontenac municipal election vote will be electronic: you will only be able to vote either by phone or by computer over the internet  You can vote if you 18 years old or older, a Canadian citizen, a resident or property owner in South Frontenac Township; and if you are on the voters list.

You can find out if you are on the voters list by visiting the following web site:

You will need your address, name and birthday or you tax roll number

If you are not on the voters list call 613-376-3027 for more information on how to get on the voters list. You need to go to the Township office in Sydenham and fill in a form to be placed on the list.

With hotly contested races for Township mayor and for the two council positions in Loughborough District this is an important election.  It will set the direction for the Township for the next four years.  Please get on the voters list and vote.


Road Classifications and Maintenance.

I have had questions on road classification and legal minimum maintenance requirements.  For those interested in this issue I have included a link to the provincial regulation detailing road classifications and provincially mandated minimum maintenance requirements:

Also, some road associations are not aware that the Township has a program to provide funding to help road associations upgrade their private lanes.  The flowing is a link to information on that program:

Click to access Private_Lane_App-2014.pdf


Energy Innovation in South Frontenac

I am sure that all of us have noticed the many photovoltaic solar energy installations that are visible from the main roads.  But when you canvass the smaller lanes you realize that these highly visible ones are just the tip of the iceberg.  I have come across many solar water heating and power production installations, private windmills, geothermal installations, and a wide variety of innovative energy conservation initiatives that individual families have undertaken to both save money and help reduce global warming.

I have discussed with a few people the possibility of organizing a township wide energy conservation renewables tour to show case what is going on in South Frontenac.  Families who have working conservation and energy alternatives would volunteer to open their homes, like a garden tours but for energy technologies. These individuals could show others what can be done and explain how it works.  This demonstration of possibilities would dovetail nicely with new provincial legislation allowing municipalities to provide loans to individuals and businesses to make their buildings more energy-efficient.  This program, as well as reducing the Townships carbon emissions and saving money, would provide significant work to local contractors.


About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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