Speeding and Community Safety

One recurring issue raised be people when I canvass is speeding.  It is been voiced on Keely Road, Railton Road, Hogan Road, Bedford Road, Stage Coach Road, Campbell Road and Freeman Road.  I expect to hear it in others areas as I continue my door-to-door trip around the district.

The problem is fairly simple.  A fair number of families live along these roads.  They have children and dogs which play in their yards, and the adults often like to walk, bike or run along their road. Speeding cars make all these activities more dangerous and increase noise.

While some roads, like Rutledge, Sydenham and Perth Road, are rated for higher speeds and they are not too far from these 50-60 kilometer per hour roads, it seems that some people cannot wait the extra few minutes to get there.

The most common request is for more police and speed traps to slow down drivers.  While this would help, it is a limited option. We are only have a small number of officers on duty in the township at any point in time and, with the projected 30% increase in policing costs, and the large number of roads, it is difficult to use more police time for this kind of duty.

Another approach is to install various traffic calming measures like speed bumps or barriers that make it harder for cars to speed.  A less invasive step might be to score the roads, like they do along the edge of major highways, which help bring people’s attention back to their driving.  This, along with more signage, including the “your speeding” displays, would help.

To me, this is one of those problems that is not easily legislated, similar to the goal of having fewer people smoking.  We need a community discussion, with practical leadership from Council, to make our roads safer.

About Ross Sutherland

retired nurse, researcher, public health care activist.
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1 Response to Speeding and Community Safety

  1. On my Facebook page I received theses comments on my post:

    Linda Hunter: one particular problem on Keeley Rd is the area known as the subdivision – no real shoulders and two deep ditches on either side of the road – people parking in front of houses – some might argue that this causes drivers to slow down but it also creates safety issues for walkers and of course, frustration for kids who live here and want to play road hockey.

    Tim Campbell: Want people to slow down? Unpave the roads, bring them back to gravel, and then let the potholes flourish. Seriously, speed bumps are only good for high-density, very low speed zones. Much of rural Loughborough is not that, although subdivisions like on Keeley or Railton might be suitable.

    Linda Hunter: I don`t think it`s so much speeding (i.e., exceeding the speed limit) as it is the posted limit for roadways that are narrow to begin with and that have little or no shoulders. Calming strips would be preferable to speed bumps.

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